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    September 17, 2010
    6:00 - 9:00am EDT  

"fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome aboard, folks. studio e, live in the heart of midtown manhattan. it was a crazy night here in new york city and through your neck of the woods in particular. >> i cannot -- >> out your way. >> i'm still upset, i don't see an explanation for the green cloud that came over me. why that cloud? why did it come? who brought it? why didn't we know about it? >> second day in a row, i'm saying g-o-d to you. >> go to the maker! >> it did come quickly. let's get right to the pictures. it was wild weather night here in new york. this morning, national weather service trying to determine whether a tornado actually touched down or not. >> we heard like the -- it had to be from the funnel. it sounded like a wolfing like kind of sound. >> we're scared. we ran. my daughter started crying and we ran to the basement for
cover. >> trees toppled. cars completely crushed. even tractor-trailers flipped right over. one person was, unfortunately, killed when a tree fell on her car. >> more on that throughout the show. in the meantime, natalee holloway's mother desperately wanted answers about her daughter's death so she reportedly snuck into the prison in peru where her daughter's accused killer is being held. she confronted joran van der sloot demanding answers before she was hauled back on. she apparently slipped in with a dutch journalist. van der sloot facing murder charges in another young woman. he couldn't handle the bad news. a man who was just told his mother was paralyzed shot the surgeon who delivered the diagnosis and then killed his mother in her hospital bed before turning the gun on himself. authorities say paul partus pulled a systemy automatic from his waistband outside his mother's room at johns hopkins hospital. >> there it is.
totally unexpected. you come to the hospital to get seen for health or whatever. somebody is in there shooting. >> the doctor is expected to survive. all eyes on iowa tonight. there's going to be a huge republican fundraiser there. former alaska governor sarah palin is speaking at the ronald reagan dinner, a salute to freedom. the location is politically significant, of course, because iowa is one of the first states a presidential candidate has to win in the february caucuses. more than 50 media outlets will be cover the dinner hoping palin will drop a hint about her possible plans to run for president. and those are your headlines. >> i just go back to that ad from a couple of weeks ago. i mean, it looked like an ad for somebody who already got the nomination. it looked brilliant, remember? right before that when they shot -- like shooting up as she's addressing various speeches and various audiences. it looks. >> sure. it all started in iowa for now president obama. >> and in just a couple of hours, president obama will appoint that woman right there,
elizabeth warren as head of the new consumer financial protection bureau. >> what about our confirm's hearing, steve? >> you know what? four confirmation hearings and so much more. steve centanni. >> there won't be a confirmation hearing, she'll be appointed on an intern basis that sidesteps the confirmation hearing. in making her an advisor and somebody at the same time who is a presidential advisor and overseeing this consumer agency, obama is avoiding what could have been a bruising partisan fight. most republicans oppose her and wall street has chafed at her oversight as congress' watchdog for the bank bailout. in a statement authorized to be released at this hour, the president said never again will folks be confused or misled by the pages of barely understandable fine print that you find in agreements for credit cards, mortgages and student loans and then goes on to say basically the consumer
financial protection bureau will be a watchdog for the american consumer charged with enforcing the toughest financial protections in history. warren herself put out a statement on the white house blog. now, in it, she says the president asked me and i enthusiastically agreed to serve as an assistant to the president and special advisor to the secretary of the treasury on consumer financial protection and then goes on to say, he's also asked me to take on the job to get the new cfpb started right now. that's that consumer board. republicans don't like this move one bit. here's lamar alexander with his opinion. >> pointing her to be in charge of the agency even though she's not confirmed with the senate is another disturbing trend in this administration of creating czars and czarinas who are not accountable. last time i checked there were three dozen of them. >> so some people not happy about it. but the intern appointment going ahead today. back to you guys.
>> thank you very much, steve centanni in the bureau. >> let's talk about what's going on in delaware. as you know since tuesday when christine o'donnell received that republican nod over mike castle, there was a lot of controversy. but one thing that she has done very well at apparently is raising the dough. you're not going to believe that in the last 48 hours, what do you think she's raised? $100,000? $200,000? $750,000? no, almost a million bucks in 48 hours. what does that say about her candidacy? >> sure. i think that's a great question. i think a lot of people across the country have heard some very prominent republicans say that woman has no chance, you know, it's going to be a shoo-in for the democrat now and that's why on her web site, she did start out -- keep in mind, on election day, she had $20,000 in the bank, right? right now, she has raised $1.3 million and they've actually raised the current target to $1 1/2 million.
brian, they realized there are a lot of people that want to give that girl, that young lady, that woman some money to win the senate seat. >> right. she got $850,000 wednesday alone and probably would have had almost nothing if it wasn't for sarah palin coming in at the last minute and senator demint saying i back her. and she got the momentum and covered that 17 point gap. the question is how much more money will she get after mike castle, the man he defeated who had won, been undefeated in every election. when he takes his support in delaware and puts it behind her? can you imagine the money that will be cascading in? turns out mike castle knows how to win. he does not know how to lose. he has gotten calls from, get this, the vice president of the united states to say hey, mike, we're buddies. different parties, too bad you lost. not a word, evidently he's staying neutral in this race. >> come on. get over it. this is the exact example of why we should have term limits. here's a guy who congratulations, you had nine
terms in congress. but guess what? you lost. and now you have to support the party. or is it because you're going to run now as an independent? could that be what's on the horizon? why else would you take a phone call from joe biden and apparently barack obama, the president of the united states, could he be getting a job at the white house? newt gingrich was asked that last night on hannity. here's what he said. >> i don't think he needs or is going to take job. he's had a very long and successful career, he's been governor of the state and sole member of the house for a long time. i know him personally. he's a man of great integrity. i suspect frankly, you can appreciate this, sean, i suspect his feelings are hurt. >> he says there was some personal smears during the campaign that have upset him to the stage where, well, he's not going to, according to "the washington post," he's not going to endorse the democrat in that. he's going to stay neutral and when it comes to the personal
smears, brian and i were talking about this earlier. on friday, apparently o'donnell called castle unmanly for filing a complaint with the election people regarding her campaign and she said on a radio show, hey, this is not a bakeoff. get your man pants on. >> f >> fantastic. meanwhile, chris coons has a lot to shake. harry reid called him his pet. i've always liked him. he's my pet. thanks a lot. harry reid who is struggling for re-election, one of the most unpopular politicians in america has a pet in chris coons. >> they're line in step together. somewhere i read that coons has 100% rating of being one of the most liberal people that would asend to a role in congress. if mike castle is going to -- if there's a thought in his brain that mike castle would endorse coons, there would be something dramatically wrong here and it would be ultrasore loser if that
happens. >> maybe people are getting bitter about the so-called insiders because of stories like this that happened out in los angeles when it really defines the term government waste. >> the city comptroller, a woman by the name of wendy gruelle put out a couple of audits yesterday and revealed that the stimulus, yes indeed, it is working out in the los angeles area. so far, they have spent $111 million and they have created 54.46 jobs. not even 55 jobs. they have created 54.46 jobs for $111 million. that is $2 million a piece. here's the comptroller. >> maybe a b minus in creating the jobs. they have started to spend the dollars but it took seven months to get some of those contracts out. >> did she say b minus or d minus? >> i wish she was my teacher. >> usually an f.
not a b minus but a lot of kids who got f's would love to have her as a teacher. let me just figure this out in my head. i've been having a hard time trying to figure out how this whole stimulus thing comes together to begin with. how do you create a .46 jobs. what is that? is that a part-time job and the average kid that we have in america now, 2.2. how do you get a point 2 kid? >> congratulations you've got 60% of the job you've applied for. >> good news is according to the calculatio calculations, los angeles will get $483 million more which means at this rate they could create another 239 jobs. not 239,000 jobs. 239 jobs. >> you know what's going to be announced today? a new report called "100 recovery act projects that are changing america." the white house is going to be coming out with this and talk about the 100 most high profile jobs that have been created from the stimulus. >> right. they're pushing back. >> like 30 million to create 68 jobs and $154 million to create
150 jobs. if you continue to do the math, it's very expensive per job. >> now, earlier today, you know when guys well up and get emotional, they'll make excuses like those allergies again. or i'm walking in the wind. i'm not crying. and steve, thanks for playing the game with me because i was welling up reading the story in "the new york times," the romantic story, romantic in a way in which the american dream is just fulfilled of the financier, the chief that wanted this mosque at ground zero and is seeing it happen? the imam whose spiritual push made this whole thing possible. it's just a wonderful story written by "the new york times" which talks about two -- two americans trying their best to fulfill their dreams. >> they are. and in fact, it talks about how that man right there was married by the imam and they met in 2006 and shortly after he performed the union, then they started talking about creating a cultural center. it is, and brian you set it up
perfectly a valentine so these two and interestingly enough, "the new york times" is a paper of record. it's going to have all the stuff, right? it doesn't talk anything about their financial problems. a couple of days ago, the developer was evicted. now he's moved on. doesn't talk about how the imam is a slumlord for essentially a tennament building in union city. not of that stuff is in it. >> favorite line of all is their loose coordination meaning the two of them haven't gotten their stories straight together have caused public misunderstanding. >> what a joke. how about this? they say the imam has spent most of his time since 2001 meeting with jewish and christian leaders. by the way, the archbishop said i'll broken some kind of deal and help them work this out at ground zero. he's in new york city and st. patrick's. you think the broker of peace between religions would be able to call 1-800-tim-dolan and be able to get him on the phone because that's what he is, a man of peace. >> what the great lady has in
her pages today is a fascinating story. it's just not the whole story. >> right. >> coming up on the show, most people don't know today, guess what it is, besides friday, constitution day. that's because our schools no longer teach it. we have your lesson in freedom coming up next. >> i saw two of those people in the green room. and the arnold schwarzenegger's oldest daughter wants to change the lives of women all across the globe. katherine stopping by the studio for a cable news exclusive. ans e half their vitamin c in a week. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪♪ a flavor paradises aof delicious fishes ♪♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses.
>> all right. we the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, our prosperity to the united states of america. 200 years ago, those words were
the american constitution. our next guest says our country is losing sight of the document's original intention and no longer is following it but we are following you. you're the author of this book "george washington's sacred fire." i should say doctor. you are upset in a way today, aren't you? >> i really am. great pleasure to be with you today and i want people to know across the country that if we don't pay attention to our constitution, we're going to lose our liberties as jefferson said long ago, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. we need to make sure we're paying attention to this document that's made us historically the freest and most just nation in the face of the earth. >> do you think it's out of the curriculum or do they feel we can offer an overview today? >> well, bruce cole who worked with the national endowment for the humanities for several years said we're suffering from american amnesia. we don't know what it means to be an american anymore because we don't teach civics.
we don't teach people the fundamental rules of how our government works. it's too political but ultimately when you don't teach politics, somebody's politics is going to govern just by default. one of the best things we can possibly do is to show the whole system what the check and balances and the ideas that our founders and framers put into the constitution to make sure that we would all be dealt with justly and fairly in our unique form of governor. what washington called an experiment in the republican government. >> and you overall, you know, you have some problems with the supreme court where they're citing international law that i find very disturbing. you say we're becoming politically and spiritually lazy? >> let's stop and think about it. where in the constitution does it say our supreme court is to care about what other courts say about the supreme law of the land? if the constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of our country, then it's supposed to be over all other international treaties and other things. it's the first thing we need to care about. if we don't teach it and if
we're not following it, then it's becoming by just default ignored and it becomes less and less important. other opinions, whether it's the judges or international courts become more and more significant. i think we the people, the first three words of the constitution need to address these things. >> we'll go out and get your book. george washington's sacred fire. after all, it's constitution day and the big question is are we losing our constitution? thanks so much, doctor. >> it's great to be with you. >> all right. right now, to our founding fathers. quick look, we have some of them in attendance or the ghost thereof. good to see you three. we have more joining us shortly coming up at 8:00. i think we got about a dozen joining us. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, opryland left underwater after the worst flooding in tennessee history. it's back and better than ever. can you believe it? sneak peek before it reopens and now, new numbers just out. 50 million americans without insurance, this is before president obama kicks in with his obama care.
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>> fox news alerted for you right now. pictures coming from our affiliate in washington, d.c. just an hour ago, there were reports of a shooting involving a u.s. capital police officer. it happened two miles from the capital. we're hearing the suspect was shot in the abdomen but is alife and taken to a local hospital. we are waiting for the capital police to provide more information. stand by for that. meanwhile, hearings related to accused fort hood shooter major
nidal hasan will be open to the media and the public as well. his lawyer wanted them closed fearing hasan would not be able to get a fair trial. he is accused, of course, of murdering 13 people. gretch? >> thank you, steve. with the unemployment rate in america at 9.6%, and new government data showing poverty is at its highest level since the 1960's, it's no surprise now an estimated 50 million americans don't have health insurance. but with the staggering numbers, can the federal government really afford to provide coverage to everyone? joining me now, dr. marc siegel with his analysis. those are daunting figures. you say this potentially could bankrupt america. >> because, gretchen, the kind of insurance that the government wants to provide for everyone is the kind that's too easy to overuse. you don't pay out of pocket. you have low co-pays. you have low deductibles. it's going to break the bank. you're going to see spiralling costs and spiralling premiums going up. now, i think karl rove's estimate of close to a trillion dollars will be conservative when you consider that it's over 50 million people that are
uninsured according to the u.s. census figures. by the way, underneath that, i have another concern. 30% of those are getting government-run insurance. the highest on record. only 55% are getting it through their employers so you're seeing more and more people needing medicare and medicaid. >> let's look at some of those numbers a little bit more in depth so people with private insurance. look at how much that has decreased between 2008 and 2009 and government health insurance, as you just said, rose from 87.4 million to 93.2 million and that's 2009. i bet you would say it would be even higher for 2010. >> much higher. when you start considering obamacare coming in 2014 with the exchanges of the insurers and the employers will drop people and go to the state exchanges and get federally subsidized insurance that comes out of our pocket. >> right. >> i am going to be seeing more and more patients with medicare and medicaid. >> right now, this is a startling figure to me. only 56% of all employers provide health insurance right now. what's going to happen to that number? >> well, i think that number
will shrink dramatically. they're going to take the penalty because they can't afford this and the kind of insurance where you pay for half of it, you know, gretch, you get this insurance, you pay for half. they pay the other half. that's going to be banned under obama care. the draft regulations of the health reform bill say you're not going to able to that have that kind of insurance. >> lot of talk about repealing health care. you have the first democrat on board, member of congress that say we should repeal health care. would that change all this? could you reverse course? >> it's so hard politically to reverse course. there's a great wake-up call to realize that insurance is not health care. providing this bloated insurance to more and more people doesn't guarantee them health care. it won't get them into my office. they'll go to the emergency room. it will be overcrowded. people with heart attacks won't be able to be seen because it will be loaded with people with medicaid cards with colds that have nowhere else to go. the american public has woken up to that and time for congress to wake up to that. >> not to mention, you believe there will be a shortage of doctors come 2005.
>> 160,000 doctors short. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. thank you. ever get sick of your tiny, cramped cubicle at work? new studies show your office affects how well you think. we'll show you how to make sure that doesn't happen to you. we'll put steve over in a cubicle. then breaking news on hurricane karl. outer bands leaving streets underwater and the storm that's approaching mexico unfortunately is just intensified again. plus, katherine schwarzenegger, the california governor's daughter is here live with details on her own campaign. first, happy birthday to jimmie johnson, the four time nascar sprint car champ is only 35 today. can you believe it? ♪
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westminster abbey. hey, greg, how big are the crowds? how crazy is this country that the pope is there? >> well, it's interesting, you know, it's not a catholic country. so certainly expectations were pretty low and yet, the crowds have been pretty good. today, the pope getting really very good reception but, of course, sort of in home territory there. it's all about catholic education today. he's talking to both professors and students. talking about the great role the catholic religious people have had in educating people in society here and really around the world as well. people have given up their lives for teaching. the reception in great britain has been warm so far, very lively gathering yesterday. for the afternoon mass in glasgow, tens of thousands of people showing up there on a lovely afternoon. no rain at all. a beautiful, beautiful day there. overall, it's been much better than expected although it's also fair to say that expectations were incredibly low. there was a lot of controversy leading up to this trip.
people saying government shouldn't be paying for so much of it, etc. but so far, it has been quite good. and finally, guys, the pope is 8 83 years old and seems to be holding up quite well. i was traveling with the pope and had to be up at 4:00 in the morning and didn't get into the hotel until midnight last night. we were in pretty tough shape. he seems to be doing all right. he has a very tough speech and that's the leaders of the political, society message that we expect there. probably one that he comes back to a lot. i haven't read this speech but it's what happens when you try to exclude god from society. guys? >> all right. reporting live from london, those are pictures of the pope at st. mary's college in west london. >> all right, greg, thanks. >> we start the headlines now because we have a severe weather alert to bring to your attention. don't mess with karl. it's on a crash course towards
the mexican gulf coast and already soaked the yucatan peninsula. right now packing winds up to 120 miles per hour and the storm could strengthen before making landfall in vera cruz. hurricane julia, fortunately, continues to weaken. >> let's go ahead and take a look at what's going on for the rest of us and there you can see the tropical satellite. meanwhile, it has been a rainy, wild night through portions of the metropolitan area of new york city with big storms, some insist they saw a twister drop out of the sky and do some damage. widely scattered showers. >> i don't understand why we can't commit to whether we had a tornado or not. >> they have to verify that. it's easy to do. they look at the doppler and go and talk to people and look at the damage. >> i would ask people. >> well, the people say they saw tornadoes.
>> see how many hands we get up? >> 48 in caribou, maine. we have 50's in portions of the northern plains. 60's through the northeastern corridor and then 70's all the way from the mid atlantic through portions of florida. today's daytime highs, look at that, it's going to be 96 today in dallas. 93 in memphis. 90 in raleigh and it looks like temperatures here in new york city as people pick up their limbs and leaves and everything else that fell off the trees, 77. it's going to be the daytime high. >> all right, now 25 minutes before the top of the hour. remember opryland, it was underwater, a lot of stars are talking about the need to rebuild and they have. take a look now. opryland today. got a sneak peek of the renovations, four months, $175 million later, the fixes almost complete. the hotel is reopening in november. >> great. >> good news there. mexico celebrated independence day but there was no break from the violence.
at least 22 drug gang members were killed in shootouts with mexican troops near the texas border. the drug gangs were setting up checkpoints and allegedly extorting drivers when the battle started. meanwhile, gunmen attacked two newspaper photographers, one was killed and the other was hurt. >> meanwhile, the miners trapped 2,000 feet underground in chile are getting a special treat tomorrow. empanadas and steak. they'll be celebrating chile's bicentennial. one of the miners is celebrating the birth of his daughter. it could be months before her father gets to -- back to the surface to hold his beautiful little girl. special treat down there. >> let's check out the sports action. >> can't believe this is, continues to evolve. we have reggie bush, outstanding running back with the new orleans saints speaking about the decision to give up his trophy, heisman trophy. bush tells reporters even though
he voluntarily gave up the 2005 prestigious award, he says it's not an admission of guilt to taking money and gifts from sports agents. >> it was extremely difficult. it wasn't an easy decision but i felt like it was the best one. it wasn't one that deep down inside i wanted to make but one that i felt like it was the right thing to do. >> and, of course, he was the outstanding running back from usc and got the second most votes of all time. you know who got the most votes? o.j. simpson. he still has his. bush says he hopes he can move on and the first heisman winner to ever voluntarily forfeit the award. six years, two national titles. 30 players with legal issues. 30. such is the tenure of head coach urban meyer at florida. now meyer is insisting he's not running a dirty program. meyer says he's upset at the arrests and will try to fix the situation but says he doesn't care what outsiders think and is trying to win football games. latest player arrested, wide receiver chris raney arrested on
felony stalking charges. he allegedly sent a text message to a woman saying time to die. ok. check out this crazy video from a formula one race. you probably haven't seen it yet and will remember it forever. a crew member gets clipped by the car's black wheel and gets knocked down. it happened at a formula one race in italy. crew member is reportedly recovering. the race team was fined $20,000 for hitting their own guy. coming up, we have judith miller coming on, peter and megan kelly so all three of them will be joining us to close out the week from 9:00 to noon. >> we'll be listening. straight ahead, he's been behind bars for 29 years now. but john lennon's killer says the former beatle was not his first celebrity target. he had a hit list. we'll fill you in on that in a moment. >> do you spend more time at the office than you do at home? our next guest explains how to uncramp your mind and your cubicle and listen to lady gaga
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we're hearing that the suspect was shot in the stomach but is alive and was taken to a local hospital. no officers were injured. meantime, john lennon's killer mark chapman says elizabeth taylor and johnny carson also on his hit list. chapman made that confession at a parole hearing claiming lennon was his easiest target. that's why it happened. chapman was denied parole. steve? >> thanks, gretch. ever get so frustrated in your cubicle at work that you just want to tear it down? well, hold up. you can transform this tiny space and uncramp your mind at the same time. remember this? from "office space"? oh, yes, very satisfying. well, scientific america recently did a report on the effects of working in a cubicle and their editor-in-chief joins us now from our little cubicle, our "fox & friends" cubicle today. how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you very much. i think what is interesting is
that you have discovered. you guys have taken a look at some research and realized that our cubicle really does impact the productivity of the employee, rather. >> your work environment can affect how well you think. >> how well you think. >> actually, how well you work and how happy you are and how fit you feel. the researchers did a study where they wanted to see how, if you change your environment from this, if we're going to call the lean and mean office space. >> nothing here. >> this is just all you need to do the job. there's nothing on the walls. just have computer, phone. >> stripped down. >> stripped down and how do people work in that situation? now, many employers with all good intentions want to try to make this a happier, more creative place. so they'll do things like provide you with a so-called enriched environment. >> ok. >> they might give you a potted plant. they might give you --
>> it's their stuff. >> it's their stuff. motivational poster, this one is about perseverance and put that there. and actually, when they do these things, maybe they give you a happy coffee mug to add to your otherwise clean work space and this would be called an enriched work space and believe it or not, an employee will work 15% better in this space than he would have in that plain space. >> ok, we're looking at it right there. lean is upper left. upper right is enriched. empowered is lower left and that is the best one of all. >> that's the best one. we'll talk about that right now. empowered is if the employer gives the employee a little bit of control. and what can that control be? ok, it's very nice that they have this enriched setting. but what if i let the employee put what he wants on there. in fact, i'm going to use you. >> ok. >> maybe there's some items in here that you might find interesting. >> sure, so if i put pictures of my kids in there. those are actually mariette's, my magic eight ball, something the kids did at school. there as well.
by virtue of me putting my imprint on the cubicle now, i feel like this is my space and i'll be more productive. >> now what happens is you're 30% more productive than you were with the bare space. >> but then comes the -- the last one and that's when the boss said hey, wait a minute, you know what? i don't like the stuff that you've done, the disempowered cubicle. >> that's right. this is when the manager says oh, that looks too messy. really? you got to take this back off and i'm going to move this over here and -- >> and the employee just gets angry. i can't believe they took away my stuff. >> maybe takes it apart like the office would. most likely would work less well. back down to that lean, mean situation not working very well. >> so the message for the millions of employers right now, let people dress up their cubicle a bit, right? >> give them a chance to dress their cubicle up on their own. >> and they'll wind up being, you know, there is, what did you say? 30% more productive? >> 30% more productive if you just let them have a little say
over their work space. >> all right. ma ri ette, editor in chief at scientific american. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> i don't care what anybody says, i'm going to -- >> i like them, too. >> kids picture up. all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, the democrats real happy about passing tax cuts for small business but the business owners not so happy. many say it won't help at all. we will explain straight ahead. governor arnold schwarzenegger's daughter, easy for me to say, joining me on the curvy couch. hi there. she's launching a campaign of her own this morning. details in two minutes. ♪
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>> now for the answer to our quote of the day. ben afleck and the winner is lisa from lexington, kentucky, congratulations. >> all right. her dad is governor of california and a world famous actor. her mom is a respected journalist but katherine schwarzenegger says despite all of the support from her parents, she still struggled with body issues as early as fourth grade. >> she's now older and wiser. and she's trying to empower young women everywhere with her new book "rock what you've got, secrets to loving your inner and outer body" to someone who has been there and back. she joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> you say in the fourth grade, you started to have body image questions. in what way? >> i think fourth grade for me was the first time that i was aware of my body and the first time that i actually compared it to other girls' bodies. which is, you know, what every girl does but it was the first time for me so it freaked me out which is why when i start the book, i kind of talk about me saying, you know, i hate my body. i hate the way i look.
so it was really the first time that i was kind of aware of my body and how it was different from other girls. >> and while you've got very famous parents, you know, your parents are the last people you're going to talk to about something that's going on in your head, right? >> no, i mean, i talk to my parents about it all the time. but especially as a girl, your parents, you know, when they say nice things to you, you think they're obligated to say nice things to you. you don't necessarily believe everything that they say. >> what turned it around for you? >> when i finished high school and went to college and met so many new people and so many different people from people i was in high school with, i really realized -- i looked back on my high school experience and saw how much time i wasted on comparing myself to, you know, images in the media and the way people look on cover of magazines and how ridiculous that is and you learn how much photo shopping goes into all those and you're like why am i comparing myself to this? so unrealistic. >> in all seriousness, little girls 6, 7, 8 years old don't
understand photo shopping and they're bombarded with these images in society and there's alarming stats. a study found that 53% of 13-year-old american girls are unhappy with their bodies by the time they're 17. that number will reach 78%. and we have this horrible situation of eating disorders. >> uh-huh. >> how did you overcome not slipping into that? >> the eating disorders? >> yeah. >> i think, you know, i had some girlfriends that did go down that path and i think you see how much they struggle and, you know, how much they torture their bodies in order to look a certain way and the way society considers beautiful. and you really see how sad that is and , you know, the amount of pain that they go through for that and really veers you away from doing it. that's what veered me away from doing it. >> sure. plus you have the added element and that is you come from a prominent family. that's her right there. look at her. >> that was just you doing that, steve. how did you react to that? >> that could be more pressure. >> it wasn't having famous
parents or whatever never really put extra pressure on me. i think my parents did a really good job at keeping -- >> you have such a famous last name. >> no, i do. don't worry, it's very recognizable. >> what age were you able to spell it? >> i think my dad would always practice when we were in the swimming pool or anything. you spell your name and everything. but i think i learned how to spell it like officially when i was in second or third grade. >> let me ask you this, did it -- i don't know if you were ever chubby or not but i was a chubby kid and the best thing about it was i didn't care. as a kid and i'm so much behind and i know this is what your book is about, too, that we should teach our kids to build their self-esteem from the inside out. and luckily for me, that worked because i kept eating the donuts and it didn't really bother me until about 10th grade. were you ever chubby? or -- >> i think in fourth grade, i was kind of the first time that i thought that i was chubby. if you ask my mom or look back on pictures, she's like don't be ridiculous.
you weren't chubby at all. but, you know, i think when i was in 10th grade was the first time that i kind of felt like -- >> how old are you now? >> i'm 20. >> why wait so long to write a book? what were you thinking? get productive, young lady. >> i know. i know. >> you know, there are so many kids who are watching right now because they're getting ready for school today, what's your message to them? >> i would just tell them to stay true who they are. i think it's really important to be yourself all the time and not try to be someone that you're not. >> right. let me ask you a good question. your dad will be home soon and not governor anymore. how exciting or how sad will that be for you? >> i'm really excited to have him home. i don't think that he'll be home very much because i'm sure he'll find something else to do that he'll love doing. i know that he loves doing the job that he's doing right now and he's sad to go. and as is my mom. but i'm excited for him. >> i have a story that says he's going back to body building, is that true? >> does that mean your mom will go back to work now? >> i hope. i don't know. >> she sort of had to put her
career on hold. >> what do you want to too? be in politics or tv? >> you know, i think that the tv idea is attractive to me. i think i like doing that. but i'm really open to anything. i'm only 20. so i think that any opportunity that comes my way, i'll feel my way out. >> the world is your oyster. the new book is out. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. thank you. thank you. >> thank you. this story is absolutely incredible. a dog falls more than 1,000 feet from a cliff but the dog survives. >> then the mainstream media loves to paint the tea party as a bunch of crazy extremists. perhaps the real extremists are the incumbents, perhaps? we'll report, you decide. you're watching "fox & friends." it's friday. vo: what is the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods.
clint hickman: go to to learn more. yeah. gear up with great deals at bass pro shops. like... bass pro shops. your adventure starts here.
♪ well, it feels so good [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra soft has an ultra-cushiony design that's soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. new charmin ultra soft. >> good morning, everyone.
friday, september 17, 2010. fox news alert, a man with a gun shooting outside the u.s. capitol building in d.c. today. capital police fired back. a live update moments away. >> christine o'donnell wasn't supposed to win the primary. on her victory. she only had $20,000 on tuesday in the bank. but three days later, she's eclipsed one million bucks. would support keep on coming? steve? >> speaking of support, he supports a 9/11 truther and is called a slumlord by some of his tenants. you won't read that in "the new york times" today. why is the newspaper protecting imam rauf? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is former mayor rudy giuliani. you're watching "fox & friends." one of my favorite shows. >> thanks, rudy. welcome aboard, folks. >> hope you have a great friday ahead of your weekend. we do need to start your headlines with a fox news alert right now because you're looking at pictures coming in right now
from d.c. two hours ago, two capital police officers involved in a shooting. reportedly a man waved a weapon at officers two blocks from the capitol. the officers fired back and hit the suspect. he is alive but was taken to a local hospital. no officers were injured in the incident. surveillance video captures just how fast a wild storm ripped through the new york city area yesterday late afternoon. the national weather centservic checking the damage to see whether a tornado touched down or not. check out the dark funnel cloud over brooklyn. one was killed when a tree crashed on to her car. she had just switched seats with her husband. that's horrible. natalee holloway's mother desperately wanted answers about her daughter's death. so she reportedly snuck into the prison in peru where her daughter's accused killer is being held. beth holloway twity confronted joran van der sloot that she wanted answers, she demanded
them. she apparently slipped in with a dutch journalist. van der sloot is facing murder charges in the death of another young woman, this woman, a peruvian student stephanie flores. there are fears about the health effects now following that massive gas explosion out in san bruno, california. the fire released potentially dangerous toxins into the air including asbestos. they are working on a plan to clean up and help residents involved. they're worried the weather forecast for the weekend could make the situation worse. the memorial service was held for a mother and daughter killed in the blast. those are the friday headlines. >> all right. 2 minutes after the top of the hour. >> president obama just hours away from appointing elizabeth warren as the head of the new consumer financial protection bureau but that's not her official title. steve centanni joins us from washington, d.c. right now to explain how she's going to wind up with the job. it's not exactly the whole confirmation thing. she's going another route,
right? >> exactly. elizabeth warren will be appointed as an assistant to the president and a special advisor to the treasury did nepartment head up that new bureau. the position she's taking does not require senate confirmation. the 61-year-old harvard professor has wrinkled some on wall street for her tough stand on the bank bailout. she's popular on main street with many people who are angry with the financial community and they want some relief from misleading and predatory practices. that's what the consumer protection bureau will do, make sure the rules for mortgages, credit cards and student loans are clear and understandable. warren has always been the president's choice for this job as he made clear last week. >> the idea for this agency was elizabeth warren's. she's a dear friend of mine. she's someone i've known since i was in law school. and i have been in conversations
with her. >> now, warren will apparently not be the permanent head of the agency. that person will eventually need senate approval but not right now. republicans are crying foul at the way this opponent is being made. let's listen. >> appointing her to be in charge of the agency even though she's not confirm by the senate is just another disturbing trend in this administration of creating czars and czarinas who are unaccountable to elected representatives. last time i checked, there were about three dozen of them. >> it's unclear how long warren will serve as the head of the consumer protection bureau after she gets it up and running. back to you guys. >> steven, thanks. >> let's talk a little bit about that very interesting race that happened in delaware on tuesday. christine o'donnell, of course, beat the incumbent republican and will now run for senate against the democrat, mr. coons coming up in november. so where does her war chest stand? how much bucks has she been able to raise since tuesday? maybe $50,000? that was her original goal.
$100,000, $200,000, $500,000? she has now topped $1 million in 48 hours. >> right. in fact, i'm looking at her web site and right now she's at 88% of her new target which is 1.5 million. she has 1.135 million in the banks. where did that money come from? i understand on wednesday, rush limbaugh on his radio program said if every listener would just send a buck, well apparently a lot of them did because the next day, he said, well she's got already at least a million dollars and then i believe yesterday, he said, another million would b cool. >> yeah. i looked at the notes from yesterday and rush sent out that newsletter. he was talking about it the whole time. he's firmly in support and sounded a little bit upset judging from the tone of his letter with karl rove for not supporting her and he has to be upset with the senator for putting more pressure on mike
castle to pick up the phone and be a good loser. we know you've won nine straight elections and losing is never easy. we watch it each and every day with candidates winning and losing, sports teams winning and losing and people not getting jobs on a daily basis. pick up the phone and say good luck the rest of the way. no, mike castle did pick up the phone with somebody else. >> apparently, he took a call from vice president joe biden and apparently, possibly the president of the united states. but let's face it. on election nights, we all sit here and wait for the concession calls and that's when the two parties are opposed to one another. i mean, that's when the democrat calls the republican or the republican calls the democrat. now, you have in this situation where the moderate republican will not call the tea party republican. it is so absurd and so sour grapes and you know what? he better get his act together if the republican party wants any hope in delaware of having a cohesive approach to this election! >> in "the washington post" this morning, it does say that apparently he -- mr. mike castle, the loser, apparently
did try -- he said i had two phone numbers for christine o'donnell. i called both of them. neither one of them worked and i left word with her campaign that i did try to get a hold of her. >> we evidently had a good number. >> she was on the show the next morning. >> she was also on every other show. >> exactly right. so the blogosphere has been lighted up. so, if she's taking calls from biden and obama, could mr. castle, then, wind up with, perhaps, a job in washington, d.c.? does that make sense? he's a moderate guy. could say he's a republican. newt gingrich addressed this last night on this channel. >> first of all, i don't think mike castle needs or is going to take a job. he's had a very long and very successful career and he's been governor of the state and been a sole member of the house for a long time. i know him personally and he's a man of great integrity. i suspect frankly and you can appreciate this, sean, his
feelings are hurt. >> sean was in the other shot. this one report that it was a telechat, that he sat down and they did a face-to-face via the -- >> with biden you're saying. >> with biden and the president. >> like a skype. some are speculating including michelle malkin, they're saying why don't you run as an independent? you have to decide quick. there's only 45 days left. i think that's kind of interesting because why else do you feel as though you have to have a telechat with the defeated candidate in delaware? au >> that would certainly be a dis to the democrat if they were suggesting that. >> same dis they felt in florida where they suddenly seem to be endorsing cristin steed of meek. >> mike castle has been friends with biden for a lot of years. why he talked to obama, i don't know if they were ever colleagues. it's interesting, also in "the washington post" this morning, mr. castle says, you know, famously jim demint and sarah palin both endorsed christine
o'donnell, right? they said, it was really sarah palin who got him over the top -- got her over the top. and now, he is saying, castle is saying that my fate was sealed without either one of them in retrospect. he talked about how voters were simply too angry for his moderate views. demint, palin, nothing to do with christine o'donnell's win according to mr. castle. >> all right. is there anything to do with the fact that sarah palin will be showing up in iowa tonight? now, we, of course, all know that iowa is a very important political state and that's where it all starts. it's going to be a matter of moments, folks, before we're talking about the next election cycle after we get through the midterms, of course. the big dinner there tonight. this is the reagan dinner in des moines. the iowa republican party's biggest fundraiser and sarah palin will be there. so the question now comes up -- will she make any sort of indication tonight about her political future? >> well, they're at the hy-vee
center in des moines. there's a lot of interest. this would be her first appearance in iowa as a potential 2012 presidential candidate. and that could be why 50 news organizations have already asked for permission. yeah, we'd like to stand in the back and take some pictures. >> here's bristol palin yesterday on our show talking about the speculation that's going on not only about st"dancg with the stars" but about her mom running for president. >> what do you think about your mom's success in the candidates she has endorsed recently? i think that her record is like 21-10 of the candidates that she's endorsed and many of them that have won. >> yeah, i think that this just shows that america is ready for a change and i think that she's doing awesome. i think that she's doing wonderful and she's making a huge difference. >> political experts will say i should have introduced that better and just say she talked about all the endorsements and i believe the record is 25-11 in terms of the candidates she endorsed. real quick, political experts
say in iowa they don't care if you're a star. in iowa, they said you have to meet the people. have the -- >> you have to shake every hand. >> you have to shake every hand. i think she's willing to too that. she's a hard working -- by nature, she won't have a hard time getting off the bus and going to meet the people. >> very retail politician. goes -- >> she could go duck hunting, too. >> that is in her favor. >> yeah. >> she can hang with the guys in that one. >> one other thing we've heard a lot from sarah palin on is that mosque at ground zero and now we have a new development to talk to you about with regard to the imam there and the developer. "the new york times" -- was that fire burning up? >> yeah, look at that. >> wow. >> back off there. >> a little laser. i don't have to go to the dermatologist anymore. anyway, "the new york times" has done a profile piece on the imam and the developer. how many pages is it? five pages when you print it out. only problem is there's no mention in the five pages about these guys' financial problems that have come to light in the last couple of weeks. oh, yeah, like the imam is an
alleged slumlord. and that the other guy had his developing office shut down, did he not? >> tell the people renting his apartment, they were alleged covered in bed bugs. >> i'm protecting -- >> your fine. >> it helps "the new york times" tell their story and right now in the pages of "the times" the narrative is they want to build this community center down there to bring the people of the neighborhood together and it's just a couple of guys who met back in 2006. and the imam married the developer to his wife and then they started talking about what a great idea that would be and it started small like that. so there's no big conspiracy behind the whole thing. essentially what they're trying to do. >> soho real estate was just evicted because they haven't paid rent in months. they were thrown out of their lease. >> nowhere in these pages is that other associate of theirs who the o'reilly factor, i believe, first brought in. >> the egyptian living in rosalynn with the money?
>> no, the associate who is a 9/11 truther. in other words, believes that the u.s. government actually caused 9/11. my favorite line in the whole piece, though, their loose coordination, the two guys together has caused public misunderstanding. >> because they left so much out of the newspaper story that's maybe why so many people get their news from the television and thanks to you, this program is number one for like 10 years now. >> talk about number one. he's probably the best game show host ever. bob barker recovering from a sudden collapse. the former host of "the price is right" explains his recent health scare and -- >> bill to cut taxes for small business is headed to the house now. many business owners think that won't help at all. they want tax cuts for everyone! our political panel debates next. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great.
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>> 31 house democrats are splitting with their party and calling for an extension for the fax cu tax cuts for everyone, not just those who make less than $250,000. will they give into the american people and cut taxes for them all? we're joined by three people who love to speculate and talk politics. congressional candidate bob turner is here, attorney and fox news contributor tamara holder. i keep getting it backwards. i apologize. you are tamara holder and you are there, thank you and emmy award winning actor and sirius xm personality jay thomas. welcome to all three of you. do you see some give here? speaker pelosi was saying i just told the middle class was getting tax cuts but didn't say for sure the wealthy won't. >> i've been in politics five months now so i'm not that clear on a few things. but i think most democrats will be running for cover on this
one, on taxes across the board. >> why? why would they be running for cover, tamara? >> i think everybody is spent right now, that's clear. the numbers in the polls and unemployment and poverty, all the numbers are down. there's another thing as well going on here is that pelosi wants to be very careful about what she says when it comes to the mosque, they're divided on their opinions. when it comes to all these things, the democrats are saying different things. and people are getting confused on the left and the right. so she has to couch her comments very carefully. >> it's so strange that the president in the rose garden starts ripping republicans for standing in his way but we know the facts of the matter is there are a lot of democrats. as i mentioned, 31 democrats in the house who say i don't think we should be raising taxes on anyone. leave the bush tax cuts in place. >> i hate the rich. anybody who has more money than me, tax them. >> you are jealous. you're jealous person by nature. >> you know what? you work for a rich person and they make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars and
you're working your ass off and they don't give you raises, tax them. >> they hired you. >> that's fine. tax them. >> so you want to see them taxed more. >> yes, absolutely. >> tax them. >> what if they decide that i'm not going to open up another subway franchise? what if they decide they're not going to grow the economy? >> that's exactly what's happening. the recent cuts that have been proposed, this $12 billion small business tax break, that's a joke! against the trillion dollar stimulus bill, it's 1.2%. >> right. >> this is meaningless and political chicanerie. >> there's something going on as well. more and more democrats will start to alienate themselves from the administration whether it's health care or tax breaks. >> doesn't seem they're afraid of nancy pelosi anymore. jay thomas, we'll be back, don't worry. our panel will return and we'll talk about this.
who is more extreme, members of the tea party or the incumbents in office? we'll report and they'll decide. oprah promised her final season would be her finest season. but appears the queen of talk has already been knocked from her throne. find out who did the knocking out. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a symbol of confidence... ♪
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>> time to do a little math in the news by the numbers. first, five years. that's how long the former google engineer could spend behind bars if convicted of spying on teens. google says david barksdale used account info to look in on teens' conversations and then stalk them. next, nine million. that's how many people watched the premiere of oprah's final season. that's slightly down from last year's premiere but oprah is still leading the talk show ratings race. finally, 1100 feet. how far a dog fell off a cliff and survived. this happened in oregon.
the car rolled off the cliff. the dog escaped and scrambled back to its owners and the dog is going to be fine. and that is amazing. brian? >> ok. gretch, thanks. the tea party is taking a stand in the republican party, big time and the media and the democrats have called them everything from racist to extremists but now they're getting votes. are the american people saying the real extremists in washington are the ones that continue to go back to washington? the incumbents? we're here with our political panel to bounce that off them. ok, bob turner, new york republican, what do you think of the -- of the tea parties? are they extremists? >> i would say no. in my district, i'm running against anthony weiner who is flat out trying to socialize medicine and has done so and claimed authorship of the health care bill. i find that a little bit more extreme than the tea party. >> tamara? >> the tea party is so extreme. they are out of their minds. they're anti--- anti-abortion.
anti-social programs. anti-taxes of any kind. they're anti-establishment for -- and there are a lot of republicans that are for that. >> i would think that those -- the first things you mentioned are on the bottom of the list. first thing is smaller government and smaller government and taxing less. jay? >> republicans vote for republicans. democrats vote for democrats. and then the independents allow you to win the election. if they want -- if they think that somebody who is on welfare and can't pay her bills or whatever is going to do good in the senate, then let them elect them. i don't think that -- i think they'll be completely crushed by the career politicians when they get in. it's like the know nothing party, i guess, of 1850 which was against catholics and immigration. and after about five or six years, you know, they were dissipated. >> i think what jay is doing and tamara has joined in, you both insulted a huge segment of society who without an agenda, their agenda is smaller
government, responsible spending and responsible taxes. >> i've been that at a few tea party meetings. >> you find them to be extremist? >> absolutely not. >> why are they there? >> they're talking about taxes and smaller government. they don't agree on almost anything else, any specific issue. >> what about -- >> what about cutting back social security? getting rid of the department of education. >> i'd go for that! >> why? >> because it's infeee effectu. >> we cannot just get rid of social programs. >> absolutely. >> we cannot. >> with the spending at this rate and with us unable to afford exactly what we're spending on now, why would you think that -- why would you think the current system is working? >> i'm not saying it is. i'm saying that the tea party movement isn't going to work either. there has to be a middle ground and they are so extreme and so out of their minds, we have to be very careful. >> what makes you -- >> when you take money away from
americans, they will, you know, bite you in the ass. we are used to having everything we want. >> that's what it's about. holding on to your own money. >> if the tax cuts are so great, why are we in this mess? >> redistribution of wealth. >> like i said it before, i said if you're lucky enough to make a tremendous amount of money in this country, then why not help when the country is in trouble. >> why aren't you -- aren't you helping enough and what are they doing with the tax dollars that are there? i think the tea party is about responsible spending, smaller government and letting you keep your own money. >> but the tea party is also alienating themselves from businesses. the republicans have the support of the chamber of commerce and other business institutions and they've alienated themselves from that as well. they are against everything. they want to go off and form their own country or state or whatever. >> you know that's -- but nothing is black and white. >> absolutely not. >> the tea party wants black and white. i think when you -- if you're ele elected, you'll either have to go with somebody or you can't
move forward. >> it was a movement that was born out of the crisis that happened in 2008 and so far, everyone that marginalized them have found themselves with egg on their face because they're a factor and we'll find out in november how big a factor. thanks to all three of you. coming up straight ahead, bob barker suffering from a collapse. what caused him to collapse? we'll check in on him. this time only $100 million to create 55 jobs. it's your tax dollars at work. and they are stimulating just about nothing. [ female announcer ] join yoplait in our commitment to fight breast cancer.
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>> they said today in the paper the worst cities to look for a job working for an american company are st. louis, detroit and miami. best cities to look for a job to work for an american company, beijing, new delhi. >> just outsourced that joke. >> that's kind of sad news, isn't it? >> a little bit, yeah. moving on to breaking news right now, british police just arrested five people for making threats against the pope. pope benedict landed in london earlier this morning after visiting scotland.
law enforcement officials not releasing any details on those five suspects but again, they were arrested early this morning for making threats against the pope. new developments as they come into us here at fox. >> meanwhile, another fox news alert, new video coming in right now from washington, d.c. there you can see live pictures from our affiliate, wtpg. there was a shooting two blocks from the u.s. capitol early this morning. a guy reportedly waved a weapon at capital police officers. and they fired back. >> weapon at a police officer usually doesn't end well and the officers have to take into consideration whether their lives are in danger or whether the lives of the people who are immediately around are in danger. as you mentioned, we protect congress. >> indeed. meanwhile, the suspect was reportedly hit in the stomach. no officers were hurt. more details a little later. >> good. new video from mexico. about to look at a truck from a shootout between a drug gang and mexican police they had. 22 criminals were killed in the
gun battle near the texas border, drug gangs are setting up checkpoints and allegedly extorting drivers when the battle started. this is getting closer and closer. >> it is. >> bob barker, we all know him, the former host of "the price is right." he's home resting this morning after collapsing while shooting at a los angeles gun range. >> great to meet you. and you'll be even happier when you see this! >> it's a new jeep! >> remember that? that was always the most exciting point of the show when it was a car. >> i remember when those jeeps were new, too. barker's rep said the 86-year-old was most likely dehydrated and briefly went to the hospital and he's on a blood thinner medication that may have caused him to faint as well. a new car! yea! >> come on down. >> until you have to pay the taxes on it. >> get better fast. let's take a look at what'sing on in the 48 connected states. as you can see, we have some lingering storm activity through portions of the northeast, also things are developing overnight. kind of dissipating a bit in texas and widely scattered
showers as well, as you can see, moving through the northern tier of u.s. states. the current temperatures as you head out the door on this friday, look at this, a little lazy in the temperature department. pop, pop. like jify pop, isn't it? coming up. >> it's true jify pop. >> 80 right now in new orleans. 76 in tampa and 66 in new york. >> i don't think they're sponsoring anyway. >> jiffy pop, probably not. as you can see later on today, things will warm up substantially and have 90 in raleigh and 90 back through dallas and dixie is up in the northern plain states. should be 77 here in new york and speaking of new york, we have live pictures out of one of the new york suburbs this morning, there you can see a guy who has got to move that tree that fell last night. a lot of very, very strong winds, right into the guy's house and garage as well.
be careful, guy with saw. >> i'm saying tornado, ok? can we commit to a tornado. >> tornadoes are very rare in the new york city area but so many people thought they saw a twister so the national weather service will have to verify it later on in the day. they'll do just that. >> let's head down to florida and talk a little sports. >> all right, the university of florida stats becoming known as the bad boys of college football. 30 players have been arrested since coach urban meyer took over in 2006 who by the way, along the way, won two national titles. he said he's trying to fix the problem but insists he doesn't run the program. one of the players are facing felony stalker charges for allegedly texting a woman "time to die." former "dancing with the stars" star is hit with three more felony charges in a domestic
violence case. he hit and threatened his ex-girlfriend and threatened to beat up their kids and stole cell phones three weeks ago. he made $20,000 in a fight. and michael vick is reportedly going to make his first start in the national football league since being jailed on dog fighting charge. he is the likely quarterback for the eagles on sunday. kevin kolb, the young guy suffered a concussion last week in the loss. vick played well in that game and threw for 175 yards and ran for over a 100. people are start to ing to acce him. he was making about 15. >> good enough. there he goes. all right, straight ahead, as fox news is national, security correspondent jennifer griffin has reported from some of the dangerous places in the world. her toughest assignment, battling stage 3 breast cancer. she is a dream girl.
>> then over $100 million to create just 55 jobs. break out the calculators because it sounds more like a summer of waste, not a summer of recovery. stu varney here to break down those numbers. >> first, trivia question of the day -- [ male announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most completeultivitamin for men. it has antioxidants to help support your immunity and nutrients like vitamin d for your colon. centrum ultra men's. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals.
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breast cancer nearly a year ago. jennifer began treatment immediately. and after 11 months, we are happy to report she is back at work. cancer free. and now she is being honored at the annual dream ball last night here in new york city, jennifer griffin joins us along with the ball's m.c., actor and personal hero of mine, the old spice pitch man, isaiah mustafah. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> how you doing? >> i'm doing great. i'm doing great. and i didn't -- 12 days from now, will have been when i was diagnosed so this has all -- >> what a year. >> incredible year. 17 rounds of chemo. five months ago i was bald. this group look good, feel better that sponsored the dream ball last night essentially saved my life. they taught me how to draw in
eyebrows when i had no eyebrows. they taught me how to rock a wig, how to wear make-up to overcome the look of chemo effects and i really think any woman who is going through this and is going through chemotherapy should sign up for a look good, feel better workshop. >> sure. isaiah, this is quite a program you've gotten involved in and, of course, they involved you not only because you are really famous right now as the old spice. >> i'm glad you think so. >> thank you. >> listen, at my house, you're a gigantic hero. >> thank you. >> this program means -- and it was so weird for me to be in the studio with you having clothes on because usually i go like that and you're half naked. >> it's weird for me to hear that from you. >> you're such a man. >> i know it. >> how important is it for you to be part of this program and to help people going through this treatment look better? >> it's extremely, extremely important because i have five sisters. i have a daughter and i know how
much looking good, it helps them get through their day and i've never been part of anyone's life that has cancer so i wouldn't know -- i can only imagine how that feels but now, having been a part of this, i can know what to do and know how to prepare for something like that. >> yeah, and in the commercials you play a really tough guy. a super macho guy, the old spice guy. you're sitting next to somebody who has been really tough over the last year and if anybody has read her blog, it was really inspirational reading about what you went through. >> well, it's not something i would wish on any family but my kids helped me get me through it. they took me -- my daughter actually videotaped me when i shaved my head. they went shopping for wigs with me. they named the wigs. they named one of them miley, that was their favorite. but this program, look good, feel better, is really what women and any mothers that have been diagnosed, you have to go and sign up for it because it will help you psychologically.
you know, i used to wear body armor to work when i lived in israel and when i go to afghanistan, we have to put on body armor. this make-up, these wigs, this was my body armor this year that psychologically helped me get through it. >> yeah, absolutely. and i know that if there's anybody involved in the cosmetics industry who would like to help out the american cancer society, they certainly would like the help as well. >> absolutely. >> all right. all right. jennifer griffin, we're so happy that you're back. and you're feeling great. isaiah, old spice guy, put it there. >> kind of want to hug you. >> really? >> you mentioned it earlier. >> all right, fine. all right. that's good. i really would rather hug her. all right. >> i don't blame you, steve. >> what a great story and welcome back, jennifer. what a fight she put up this last year. >> i know. she's back out and to afghanistan and back. straight ahead -- >> the waste keeps on coming. $150 million to create only 55
jobs much it's your tax dollars hard at work and they're stimulating what? we'll ask stu varney. >> on this day in history, the u.s. constitution signed in philadelphia. and i feel like we're back in that day. they're here. we're going to talk to some of the founding fathers about the state of the constitution right now. >> on this date way back in 1862, union and confederate forces clash. the bloodiest battle in u.s. history. and the number one song on this date in 1958, do you remember it, brian? >> it seems like i saw it a second ago. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
>> i know you're all waiting for this. the answer to the trivia question of the day is phil jackson. the winner did, todd from colorado springs. congrats.
>> great news today from stu varney, the city of l.a. added 55 new jobs to its payroll. that's good news, right? well, i got to bring you the bad news, too. each of those jobs costs $2 million. and the senate has just passed another $30 billion stimulus bill. stuart varney says they can't resist wasting more of your money. those are your words, stu. >> they are. they are. >> so you don't have to be a mathematician to figure out that this could be wasting some bucks. >> come on. it's ironic, isn't it? almost to the very hour when the senate passes another $30 billion stimulus bill, we hear from los angeles an audit that finds that they have spent $111 million from the original stimulus plan and created what was it, 54 new jobs. roughly a couple of million per job. >> all right. you have wendy out there, the controller in l.a. and here's the grade that she gave that
math. >> maybe a b minus in creating the jobs. they have started to spend those dollars but it took seven months to get some of those contracts out. >> what's that, a b minus? >> i wish i had her in school because i thought that was going to be an f. >> oh, yes. come on. that's being awfully generous, is it not? $111 million, 54 jobs, not just jobs created but retained. >> what does that mean? >> it means that they were going to maybe lay off somebody but they got taxpayer money, the guy or the woman stays in that position. now, they do say that maybe some more jobs created with this $111 million just down the road but still, nowhere near enough. >> also ironic since that's your theme today is that today, the white house is going to release this new report called "100 recovery acts projects that are changing america." and the first one on the list is $30 million in stimulus dollars to clean up an old electronics plant and it created 68 jobs.
that's still not good math. >> wait a second, now you do the math. $30 million, 68 jobs. that's roughly $441,000 per job. isn't that better than the $2 million per job of los angeles? >> i still don't like it, stu! >> new jersey math is much better. than los angeles math. >> i knew we were going there. you are from new jersey. >> i am indeed. >> they go down the list of the 100 top ones. $154 million in cancer genome project that created 150 scientists jobs. this isn't exactly what the american public was sold about the, i almost said stole, that's kind of like it was. the money was stolen from the american taxpayer. >> we were told that $814 billion when spent, when implemented would stop the unemployment rate going above 8%. that was how stimulus was sold. it would keep us on an upswing in the economy. it failed. the unemployment rate went to 10% and now at 9.6%. the economy is not expanding as
supposed to be. so this is a -- it's really a spin plan this week to try to retroactively make the stimulus plan look good because you've got more stimulus plans coming down the road. >> they already did, the $30 billion stimulus plan for small business. >> just wait, i'll guarantee there will be a bill out there to bail out the states. >> well, you -- >> guarantee it. >> i know you've said that before on the program and many americans are very fearful of that. >> indeed. >> stu varney, catch you on the fox business network, begins at 9:20 eastern time. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> she earned the sympathy of the entire country but now police have reason to believe this woman attacked in the face with acid, that it might be a fraud. >> and christine o'donnell wasn't supposed to win in delaware. on primary day, you know how much money she had in her bank account? $20,000. but three days later, she's eclipsed a million dollars. how will this challenge the establishment? geraldo rivera with his
predictions on the future of the g.o.p. at the top of the hour. [ male announcer ] you can dream of completely transforming how new york city manages i.t. or, like bmc software, you can dream it and do it. bmc lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange.
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>> tgif, everyone. lot of breaking news on this friday, september 17, 2010. five people arrested for threatening the pope, arrested under britain's terrorism act. we are live in england with the breaking details. >> meanwhile, 31 house democrats are splitting with their party and leadership and
calling for an extension of the bush tax cuts for everybody! the president has said no way but now nancy pelosi could be leaving the door open a little bit. hear what she has to say straight ahead. >> really surprising stuff. and a "fox & friends" exclusive. we are talking live with the superintendent of the school teaching sex ed to kids in kindergarten. "fox & friends" starts now. >> hello, i'm isaiah mustafah and you're watching "fox & friends." please join me and steve for many memorable hours of making. >> what making? >> those old spice commercials are so, so funny and congratulations once again to jennifer griffin who was recognized last night here in new york city, designated the dream girl at that special ball thrown by the american cancer society. >> what a year she has had. >> yep. glad to have her back. we start this morning with the fox news alert because we're awaiting a news conference now in washington, d.c. about a
shoopth just two blocks from the capitol earlier this morning. a man reportedly waved a weapon at capital police so officers fired back. >> brandishing a weapon at a police officer usually doesn't end well and the officers do to have to take into consideration whether their lives are in danger or whether the lives of the people who are immediately around are in danger. as you mentioned, we protect congress. >> the suspect was reportedly hit in the stomach. no officers were hurt in the incident. more breaking news right now, scotland yard announcing the arrest of five men for making threats against the pope who is visiting there. the arrests happened this morning just before pope benedict landed in london. all we know about the five men in custody, they are between the ages of 26 and 50 and they apparently are of arab descent. they are not releasing details on the potential threat but saying at this time initial searches of the suspect's property has not turned up any hazardous or dangerous items. new york is beginning to assess the damage from last night's
deadly storms. this is a live look right now at downed trees and damaged homes. this happened in staten island. several people thought it was a tornado. if that funnel cloud actually touched down. >> they say they saw a funnel cloud. what do they think it is? >> unfortunately in this picture right here. >> it was all a hoax. you're not going to believe this one. remember that acid attack. now they're saying it was self-inflicted. the woman, bethany storoh admitted to cops she threw acid on her face. she hasn't said why she did it. she gained international sympathy after saying a stranger approached her and said hey, pretty girl, want something to drink? before throwing the burning liquid on her face. she'll likely be charged with filing a false police report. what's so upsetting about this story, she'll still need skin
graphs and so much surgery to repair the damage, obviously, very unsettling story there. >> meanwhile, president obama hours away from appointing elizabeth warren to set up the consumer protection bureau. she's not going to have an official title. wendell goler live at the white house. wendell? >> brian, elizabeth warren was the president's first choice to run the consumer financial protection agency. he says the agency was her idea in the first place which she would have drawn a huge confirmation fight and, perhaps, for that reason, if not others, officials say privately, she didn't want the job. warren served as the congressional representative on the tarp oversight panel. she sharply criticized banks for causing the economic meltdown, push to increase their capitalization requirements. republicans say she was out of her area of expertise which is bankruptcy and they still see the job that the president has given her which is setting up the agency that will set the rules for credit cards, consumer loans and mortgages as being an end run, a way to bypass
congress. >> this is like the czar of all czars. and so let's just talk about process, the fact is this person, the process is being circumvented because the president knows that this person could not be confirmed. i just find that to be abusive. certainly out of bounds if you look at the way our constitution works. >> now, in a blog post this morning, elizabeth warren said "the new law creates a chance to put a tough cop on the beat and provide real accountability and oversight of the consumer credit market." that cop won't be warren and connecticut senator chris dodd says there is still a senate confirmation fight ahead. >> working some special advisory capacity which is fine. but pursuing the nominee to run the place. >> dodd says warren is qualified but didn't think she could be confirmed. he warned the president against sending her off as an interim or recess appointment. brian? >> thank you very much,
wendell. sure give us a lot to talk about now. thanks, that's wendell at the white house. 2 minutes after the top of the hour. >> guy with a mustache just joined us on the couch. oh, it's him. >> geraldo rivera. >> good morning, everybody. >> great to have you. nancy pelosi yesterday queried about whether or not, everybody knows that the middle class tax cuts from the bush era are going to remain in effect. she was asked about what about the ones for the most successful people in america? here's what she had to say about that. >> only thing i can tell you is the tax cuts for the middle class will be extended in this congress and without getting into procedure and timing and process, what we're going to do is to say that the end of the day, the extension of the obama middle income tax cuts will take place. that's what i have to say on the subject. >> we saw the new name. >> well, she -- the obama tax cut. what she didn't say is that she's going to oppose the continuation of the tax cut for
those making more than $250,000 and you think a lot of people have seized on that apparent nonstatement as a -- this is why. i talked to matt kibby. he runs freedom works. one of the most successful of the tea party organizations. great guy from upstate new york. i like him a lot. i asked matt a question. what is the average income of the tax -- of the tea party activists? he said between $50,000 and $100,000. >> so they're not impacted. >> i say to matt, why is it that you're opposed to the -- to the tax cuts lapsing for the richest americans? and he said we're against all tax cuts. but it seems like a weakish argument to me. it seems to me that if the democrats don't stand on issue the tax cuts must lapse for the wealthy americans, they don't stand for anything at all. it's been the only issue they've gotten any kind of righteous attention for. certainly the president in recent weeks and months, i have never seen anything get any
traction but for this one issue. if they fold on this, and they say let's just continue the bush tax cuts for another year or two, they will have zero issues and i think that it will cost them. >> maybe that's a sign of the times, geraldo if they can't hold on to any other issues. they had health care and the american people didn't like it. >> i'm not saying it's not a sign of the times. i think it is indeed a sign of the times. they finally have something that works. for them to yield on it will make them not as good as republicans. >> what works about raising taxes? >> well, it is -- democrats and republicans come from different generic, genetic d.n.a. democrats were the party of the people, the working class, the unions, that's what they were for. the republicans were the party of the business class, the more affluent americans and successful americans. there was a philosophical ideological divide.
>> why would you vote for a democrat over a republican if they're all for the same thing sf>> last point i want to make, the reason that tea party guy said he was in favor of tax cuts for everyone is because he realizing even if his income is $50,000 that it's the wealthier people in america that are creating the jobs for that $50,000. >> that may be. i don't think it goes that far. >> i could be first man on your boat and your mate. >> gilligan. >> thank you, steve. >> bill clinton on "the daily show" last night has an interesting take. >> so there's a lot of money going back and forth there. and there are a lot of other things at risk, you know, the people that want to continue zero estate tax and the people that want to continue -- don't want their tax cut under president bush paid. they don't want to go to the rate that they paid when i was president, when i raised it to that and obviously, i'm in that income group, those of us who aren't suffering should pay so that those who are can get the
job training they need. get the education they need. get the other things they need. that's what i believe. >> that's kind of the argument glenn beck made, people should tithe, if we all did that, people who are more, you know, prosperous, let's say, then i think that would really ease the burden. >> what they're saying is should you get an invoice from the federal government or should you just decide where that money should go? >> you do in a sense get an invoice from the federal government. you get to deduct your charitable donations from your gross income. >> geraldo -- >> a portion of it. when i write my check to the church, i want to write it because that's where i want to write it. >> i totally appreciate that, again, gretch, what the president is saying is that compassion should be more activist and maybe it could relieve some of the burden on the public financing. but again, i'm going to go back to this tax program. if the democrats blink on this, them the democrats will be
routed just as every pundit suggests they will be. this is the defining moment. if nancy pelosi and the president cave on this, they are nothing. they're zero. >> there are 31 democrats who wrote a letter to the speaker and said hey, you know, keep them all. >> $700 billion to the treasury, to the deficit over 10 years. i rest my case. >> sure. >> yes, your honor. the reason it's so -- this is such a potent political issue is because of all of us, regardless of whether we're in that high income bracket or not, we feel like we're overtaxed and washington is misspending our money. >> that's it, geraldo. >> that's definitely true. >> that's what is happening in delaware with christine o'donnell. >> let me just say this -- >> let me say this. >> into this position. >> i love this person, o'donnell. i loved her talk show. i didn't like her feud with donald trump so much. >> that's rosie o'donnell. >> oh, it's christine o'donnell. the one that had her house
foreclosed and lived with the roommate and had $3,000 in the bank. >> you haven't had financial problems. >> never had a job. typical american. that's a typical american, we are definitely in dire straits but it was interesting, gretchen and i were on "o'reilly" last night. they had krauthammer and laura ingraham, it was interesting the way they responded to christine o'donnell. it summarizes the dilemma of the republican party. you had laura ingraham that said, well, listen, like you said, typical american, people relate to her problems. everybody has struggles. we got to have broad -- same laura ingraham who had excoriated christine o'donnell the first time she appeared on our program because she was like the guy in south carolina, what's his name, alvin greene, the nut job rap star running for senate. she compared her to that guy. >> he's got some porn problems. >> he's got a lot of problems. you could argue so does christine o'donnell but now, laura ingraham who is a hard right person is going to give christine o'donnell a pass and vote for her. krauthammer said her chances of election and other conservative
republican pundit, but more mainstream like karl rove, charlie krauthammer said she's horrible. she's a loser. 1 in 10 chance of getting elected. but then ultimately -- >> didn't say it that way. >> he was pretty strong. 1 in 10. that was the 1 in 10 chance. >> you know what happens when krauthammer and rove keep saying that? the money keeps coming in for her. >> you know, you have just defined the tea party -- the momentum that it has. if indeed the taxpayer revulsion at government is so intense that even christine o'donnell, someone who could never run for dogcatcher in a normal year, look at her record, i mean, seriously. >> like the state chairman. >> but the republican chairman. not the democratic chairman. the republican chairman. if she can overcome the -- the -- what used to be the markers for successful politicians and good statesmen to get elected,
that shows the extent and passion of the tea party that can overwhelm not only your vested interest but also, you know, obvious qualification and she may do it. >> she may succeed. >> you're doing great, geraldo. your toughest topic yet coming your way. let's talk about reporters who dress in tight clothing and just want to cover football. i'm talking about the reporter who works for a spanish language channel and she showed up on the sideline with a -- with some tremendous attributes. >> too early to get my heart going. >> listen. >> all i'm thinking about is the substantive question she's about to ask in the tight white pants and especially this one, i'm sure she's going to ask that mark sanchez, you know, hey, baby, what's -- i don't know. i don't know. >> here's the deal. the jets were at practice. they're throwing the ball in her direction. >> stunk up the -- >> come on. >> on monday nights. >> she was there again. >> i have a couple of things. couple of things. first of all, you know, these
reporters get into the locker room and the men are often naked and now that they have passed the rule that it's equal, no sex requirement or you're a reporter -- you're a sanctioned reporter. >> when did this happen? no sex requirement? >> gender neutral, i believe the phrase is. >> ok. >> you go in there and there's a big 6'8" guys that weigh 270 pounds and they're swinging in the breeze and then you got the bombshell walking in. let's talk real. come in here. come on in. you can't do that! >> they look hike him. >> like to bring him in because he's wearing a jets shirt. that's why. >> that's right. >> yeah, right. >> there came a time, i mean, there's no doubt but that a woman's looks and sensuality play a larger role in spanish tv than they do in english tv. you see the weather girls, they're still in the old style that we used to have the bombshell do the weather. now they have to be a meteorologist and all that. so -- >> culture.
>> i think there's a cultural gap but i also think that to be taken seriously, you can't wear skintight jeans. >> and a whoopi goldberg outfit. >> i'm sorry, you can't do it and expect someone to ask you about -- are you going to go long on third and 2? >> i think we got enough for the geraldo you tube appearance now. >> suddenly very uncomfortable being the only female amongst 30 guys in this entire place. >> that's right, you are. >> geraldo, thank you for that stimulating discussion. >> go, hail mary! hail mary! hail inez. >> lord, make this pass out by her. >> you better go home now! >> good for you. >> that's my wife. hi, honey, i'm coming home. steve provoked me. >> this guy complained because no bank would cash his government check and major nidal hasan whined about cameras in the courtroom. what a judge had to say to the man accused of murdering 13 people at fort hood. >> what a loclown and the
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with xerox, you're ready for real business. >> welcome back. christine o'donnell won the republican primary in delaware and as she heads to the general election, she's got an even bigger fight on her hands against the media. >> all right, president of the media research center joins us now with some clips that are now not only bias but at times downright offensive. what do you mean, brent? >> well, i think what you're seeing right now is the media pulling apart. just like the left seems to become unhinged, the wheels have come off the national press corps. they have gone into this all out character assassination campaign on anyone and everyone.
last week, george stephanopoulos was interviewing john boehner and he had -- he could have brought up any topic, he brought up his tan and how 27% of people don't like his tan. as if that was important. chr christi christine o'donnell wins and you have everybody else that's just running these insulting statements about her and america is seeing it. >> you mentioned the joy behardt show on the channel nobody watches. here's a segment about christine o'donnell's hair. >> i'm surprised we weren't talking about that bad choice there in the spiral perm. i did that in the 1990's. >> brent, we talked about this for years. it's just the left. there are a lot of people in the media from the left. they don't like the idea of the tea party and don't like the idea of the republican from delaware coming out of nowhere when their guy lost. >> you know, folks, what's happening before our eyes is
fascinating. we're in the midst of what's truly a political revolution in this country from alaska to florida, from nevada to delaware, from pennsylvania, utah, colorado, wyoming, it's happening everywhere with these tea party candidates coming out of nowhere and winning. what was the great story on tuesday night? it was not just that christine o'donnell won. it's that 60,000 votes were cast when it's normally 30,000 for a candidate that had no money to campaign on. that was the story. >> brent, true. but that seems -->> that seemed to elude mike barnacle. listen. >> the larger problem she has, i would submit is this, that different this year for a candidate is good. people are looking for different this year. >> right. >> crazy is not good. >> ok. so she's -- he's calling her crazy. quick wrapup, brient. >> it's the peasants. they don't like these uppity peasants.
guess what? the peasants have pitchforks. >> they do indeed. all right, brent from the media research center. thank you very much for joining us live. >> the last poll had her within 11 and has 45 days that close that out. "fox & friends" exclusive coming your way. we're talking live with the superintendent of the school teaching sex ed to kids in kindergarten and doing that next. >> and natalee holloway's mother sneaks into a prison? sneaks into a prison to confront joran van der sloot. we'll tell you what happened.
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>> quick headlines coming your way and then gretchen is ready. miners trapped 2,000 feet underground in chile will eat empanadas. is that what it's called? and steak tomorrow. and celebrate chile's bicentennial and one of the miners is celebration the birth
of his daughter and hearings related to the accused fort hood shooter, major nidal hasan will be open to the media and to the public. a judge denied a motion by hasan's lawyer to keep them closed. he's accused of murdering 13 people. gretch? >> thank you, brian. we've been following a story in helena, montana, where a school district plans to teach sex ed to kindergarten students. it had parents in an uproar. the original plan has been revised but a concerned parent told us yesterday she's still afraid the changes don't go far enough. >> it has been toned down and for that i'm very thankful. i'm still concerned because the superintendent stated that the spirit of the document remains. i'm afraid that the textbooks will teach the same as the old draft and they've just -- like you said, they've dumbed down the language a little bit and taken out the graphic language. i'm concerned to what actually is going to be taught in the classroom to my child. >> here to respond in an exclusive first interview with "fox & friends" is helena
schools superintendent bruce messenger. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> so this whole situation has caused quite an uproar in helena, montana, and quite frankly, across the nation. when you propose this original sex education plan that many people have labelled quite provocative, did you have any sense that it would be so controversial? >> i think the response to the proposed curriculum has been stronger than we anticipated. although we understand this is a really sensitive issue and as we've worked on this topic before in the past, certainly it's brought out those who have interest on both sides of the issue so the level of conversation has been a little intense but we anticipated there would be feedback. >> so far, you received 7,000 complaints. in this day and age, many times parents don't even go to school board meetings. that sounds like a big, huge number to me. you say you didn't expect controversy so let me ask you this -- were you in favor of the original plan with things for
kindergarteners like talking about the names of private body parts and for first graders learning about same sex relationships? >> i supported the introduction of the draft document to the board of trustees. by design, the professional staff prepared the draft document and then we wanted to put it out so we could seek comment not only through the board of trustees but also from the community and so certainly we thought that was a good starting place and the process of getting public comment has allowed us to modify the draft document to what it is today. >> but the starting place with all due respect seems to be at such an ultraliberal level telling kids that are 5 years old stuff that some fifth graders don't even know. >> when we introduced the document in the original presentation to the board of trustees, what we informed the board of is it was not our intent to do direct instruction on that early form of the curriculum but rather, to use medically accurate terminology when we addressed body parts
whether it be the reproductive system, the digestive and so i think there was some misunderstanding early on and i believe the revised draft clarifies that significantly. >> what research, sir, showed this type of provocative education was beneficial to kids as young as 5? >> there's pretty clear evidence that students who participate in the comprehensive health education program not only are informed but they tend to develop more healthier practices over time and do not expose themselves to as many risky behaviors. rather that needs to be done exactly at 5 years old or 6-year-olds. >> sorry to interrupt. i want to make sure i get all the questions in. wouldn't that be up to the parents? >> well, we absolutely believe that this is a partnership with parents and as you could expect in a public school system the size of ours, we have a diverse set of families and parents and so clearly some parents will take this on and they'll choose at what age they want to introduce these topics to their children and other parents
probably aren't as attentive to that. our intent is to work closely with parents and still give them that full discretion. >> so many people are wondering, this is not san francisco. this is not the liberal values of san francisco. we're talking about helena, montana. how did helena, montana, seem to go off the rails? at least that's what a lot of parents have told us. >> yeah, well we don't believe we've gone off the rails. in fact, in helena, montana, like other communities in this country, we have a diversity in our population, we have diversity within our families. our children attend the public schools. they watch the mass media. they are well informed. they read. they understand what's going on in the world around them and so in the environment we live in today, i don't think we can assume just because the community is smaller or is isolated in the state like montana that our children as they grow up aren't exposed and understand the diversity in the world around them. >> right. apparently a lot of parents disagreed with you because 7,000 of them showed up to tell you
they didn't like the program. they'll have another chance on september 28th and the final vote will be october 12th. thank you so much for being our guest today. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> coming up on the show, new developments on the arrests surrounding the people, what we've just learned about the five arab descent suspects in custody right now. president obama supporting harry reid's plan for amnesty for illegal aliens. what's the real motive? some say democrats are desperate for the hispanic vote for the midterms. chris wallace will weigh in on that next. and then the founding fathers have taken over our newsroom today. look at that. wow, today is constitution day and give us a lesson in history. they've never seen computers before. or telephones. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit.
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isn't that something? >> wow. >> that is incredible. >> having just returned from egypt a couple of weeks ago, i'm not surprised and that's all i'm going to say. let's bring in chris wallace. hopefully he's not going to comment on that. he'll comment on this. christine o'donnell in delaware raises nearly a million bucks since winning even though she has been defied by a lot of big name people. your thoughts? >> well, and let me just quickly say on that other thing, it's interesting because i was at brian's house once and all the pictures of the three of you in his house show him in front and the two of you out of focus in the background. i thought it was a bad photographer. >> it was before photo shop so i literally cut myself out. >> were the kilmeads on a family vacation when you were in his house? i can't imagine an invitation. >> certain amount of breaking and entering involved. that's true. >> chris wallace, cat burglar! >> yes, that's true. like carrie grant and "to catch a thief." in any case, you know, you're exactly right, gretchen. and i think these people that
were writing off christine o'donnell who incidentally will be our guest on sunday. she'll be live here in studio in washington talking with us. i think these people who were writing her off are being awfully premature about it. i mean, they wrote off sharon angle after she won the republican primary in nevada. she's neck and neck with harry reid right now. you know, it's true in a bunch of states. marco rubio was a distant after thought in florida. now he's leading there. so this idea that, you know, they're extremists and they're right wingers and they're -- and you're hearing it from some republicans as well. i wouldn't jump on that bandwagon just yet. >> yeah, apparently they did have a debate last night in the great state of delaware and it -- the way things were set up by this particular organizing entity, council or whatever it was, they had eight of the -- eight candidates on the stage and one of the things she tried to do, chris, early was to define herself. look, i've had some problems and
stuff like that. in fact, karl rove was on the air on this channel yesterday and said, what she needs to do because, you know, she's had some crazy financial things in her past as many of us have. is she needs to be honest with the people and say look, this is what happened to me. >> why are you looking at me when you say crazy things have happened? >> i thought you were going to run a clip or something. no, i was going to say, i mean, brian kilmeade has been able to overcome that kind of stuff. >> i'm in the middle of it. >> it's interesting. there was an interesting story in, yes, "the new york times" the day after -- i guess it was actually thursday and they talked to a bunch of folks who had voted for her in delaware and they said, you know, yes, she had her home foreclosed on. and she's had problems with the i.r. s., so have a lot of us and in particularly in this economy where we see, you know, so many people out of work and so many more people who are hanging on by their fingernails. in particular, if you're running against a career politician as she was with mike castle who had been in government for, i think,
20 or 30 years so one could argue being paid by the taxpayers, i don't know if that's necessarily a disqualifying factor. >> especially when the treasury secretary forgot to pay his taxes and he was able to be treasury secretary. she'll be on your show, chris. that will be a great booking. i will pay attention to that on sunday. >> let's talk a little bit about the dream act, chris. it's going to be attached to the defense bill essentially if you're under 16 and came to this country, you'll have an option. if you go to college, if you join the military for at least two years, you become a citizen, harry reid is making sure that's part of the defense bill, amongst the republicans fighting back and saying it has no place there, john mccain. they're reaching out to the hispanic community. your thoughts? >> well, clearly, they're reaching out to the hispanic community. i have some sympathy on the issue of people who serve in the military. you know, that seems to me to be a way to earn your citizenship. i'm not sure about going to college. but, you know, if you're asking me is this political? first of all, everything is
political at this point and will be until november 2nd. but yeah, i mean, this is clearly an effort to reach out to the hispanic vote. we saw that in the arizona law. we're seeing it on this law. not crazy about the idea of tacking it on to a completely unrelated bill, in this case, the defense bill which is going to be very hard for the republicans to oppose. that's far from the legislative process. people do that all the time. >> they put stuff on stuff that is a slam dunk to get it through. we'll be watching your show with christine o'donnell this sunday. check your local listings, people, for show time. thank you, sir. >> have a very nice house, incidentally, brian. >> pleasure having you there and you put everything back exactly the way i wanted it. >> there was one thing i didn't. we'll see if you find that out. >> all right. fine. that will be answered tomorrow. a cliffhanger. >> all right. thanks a lot, chris. we have to move to this because it's a fox news alert right now. five men under arrest in london over an alleged threat to pope benedict the 16th. skynews reporting the suspects are algerian.
they were arrested under the country's terrorism act. let's go live to london where greg burke is live with the breaking details. all right, greg. this visit by the pope to london suddenly has turned to terrorism? >> that's right. little bit of excitement here, you know, as often happens in london. it was going to be an exciting trip anyway but this certainly adds a little bit of an edge to it. scotland yards saying five people arrested in a potential threat to the pope. now, what scotland yard will not confirm is this was pope related. however, everything certainly does point in that direction given the timing of these arrests very early this morning in london. what scotland yard does say is five men that were not british nationals we're hearing from our sister network, between the ages it was 25 and 50. they were brought in and now are being questioned. they were arrested under this terrorism act which is probably the key thing to be thinking out here. there are also searches going on right now in london in both office and home areas in
connection with these arrests. however, police saying up to this point, no hazardous or threatening materials have been found at least so far. finally, scotland yard is saying that the trip will go on as mranld. the pope's trip. nothing changing in the scheduling. nothing even changing in the security arrangements. however, it's got to be clear those security arrangements really nothing was left up to question now already, very, very secure. for the folks' part, the vatican saying the pope was informed this morning and he is very calm, however i've covered the pope for a long time and he's calm just about all the time even when he got knocked down on christmas eve. he just got right back up and continued with the mass. guys? >> greg burke live in london with the very latest. we're live in new york city with the very latest and the story on the cover of the tabloids, "what a wild weather night" we had. we've got some pictures out of staten island, also out toward -- >> forest hills in queens.
>> yeah. >> gotcha. exactly right. >> that was hit pretty hard. >> all right. take a look at these pictures. there was a lot of wind damage last night. trees toppled over. destroyed a lot of roofs. in queens, one woman was killed when a tree fell upon her car. so this morning as they start to clean things up here in the new york city area, the national weather service is trying to figure out whether or not it was a tornado or simply straight line winds. >> and here you can see some of the flooding in the yucatan peninsula from hurricane karl as it has brought all sorts of rain to that region. desperate situation there. >> couple other headlines for you now. natalee holloway's mom going to great lengths to get answers about her daughter's disappearance. her lawyer confirms beth holloway twity snuck into prison in peru where joran van der sloot is being held. she slipped in with a dutch journalist and confronted van der sloot before being hauled
away. he is charged with murdering another young woman, peruvian student stephanie flores. he has confessed to killing natalee holloway but never been charged. steve? >> all right, gretch, thank you very much. today marks constitution day, a day which we commemorate the signing of the u.s. constitution by 39 men back in 1787. we're joined now by some of the delegates who attended the constitution convention and let's go ahead and meet some of them and we'll start right over here. you are, of course? >> general washington. >> general george washington. eventually you would become the first president of the united states. >> and also president of the constitutional convention. >> all right. very good. and we know this guy. ben franklin! >> that's right. dr. franklin. and i helped get the constitution approved. my speech was the one that -- the final speech that got everybody to vote for it. >> it was indeed. sir, you are? >> thomas payne. >> hello, thomas. >> and i wrote a pamphlet which helped -- you read in it it
outlined a structure for the government of the united states. >> uh-huh. >> that would have checks and balances. >> that's right. that's exactly right and by the way, common sense not so common these days, is it? >> you are, sir? >> john jay. >> hey, john jay. >> first chief justice of the united states. >> all right. and of course, one of the things about the constitution, it did set up the three branches of government. you are? >> mr. james madison. >> hello, james madison. how's dolly? >> doing very well, thank you. >> very good. you are, sir? >> mr. john adams. >> and i'm in england at the time because i was serving as ambassador for the congress. >> we knew that because we saw the hbo show and you are? >> thomas jefferson. >> thomas jefferson. >> and i was actually in france at this time of the signing of the constitution. >> all right. very good. >> well, you know, we had you on because so few people these days learn about the constitution. in school and by the way, if you're interested, there is now an app for the constitution. go to the app store to find out
what all these guys, how they helped us out and they're going to be joining us a little later on in the program. all right. next up, is christine o'donnell's opponent a sore loser? peter johnson jr. weighs in next. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. [ tires screech ] [ enne rving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower.
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listen, you can't succeed. she did succeed. does she have warts? yeah, we all have warts. but are we going to encourage regular americans or discourage regular americans? democrat and republican from coming forward? so when mike castle, congressman castle seems to have more in common with president obama and vice president biden than associating himself with the nominee of his own party, what does that say about his ability to get elected as a republican to begin with and what does it say about his understanding and the establishment's understanding about who should be making the decisions in this country about our future and so when we say to miss o'donnell whether you like her or not, that we're going to trash you, we're going to throw you down the stairs, we're going to destroy you. the price of victory is the price of personal defeat. that's wrong.
>> people are speaking out much the path to progress in this country has always been, has always been with people who are zealously believing something. people who take a chance. i've seen it in democrat politics and i helped elect the first african-american mayor of this city. i stood up when other people said you can't beat ed koch for the governorship. he was a big political leader, mario cuomo in new york. my own father ran against one of the biggest democratic bosses in this country, she's doing what courageous americans do. we as republicans and democrats and independents whether we like her or not, whether we agree with her or not, we have to stand up for her right to win. her right not to be thrown down the stairs. >> at least if you're mike castle pick up the phone and say congratulations. have a fantastic weekend. >> you, too.
god bless you. >> i will. it's constitution day and a good time to teach kids what that's all about. a great new story that will do just that with the help of a talking squirrel. you're kidding. i'll sticking around for that. let's check in with martha to see what's on the top of the hour. >> sarah palin heads to iowa tonight, folks. a place that she has not spent a lot of time. how will iowans respond to her? did you catch the debate last night. we'll show you what you misted when bill and i join you at the top of the hour. [ female announcer ] stay once. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at
>> let's tell you what's coming up this weekend on "fox & friends." there's a no smoking plan that covers the great outdoors including parks and beaches. but should lawmakers butt out on this one?
we'll have that debate. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> plus school textbooks that highlight islam but down play christianity. why some parents are up in arms. "fox & friends" weekend starts 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. eastern time. see you then. >> all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, fun, new way for kids to learn about our nation's capital and government and it's through the eyes of a magic squirrel. >> cheryl barnes is here, she and her husband are the author and illustrator team behind the new book "capitol tales." good to see you. we know peter from fox business network. you've written a series of these books. this is the latest install many. because others were at the bookstore at the capitol, the people at the capitol said would you write one about the capitol? >> they asked me two years ago and maybe three years ago and at first, i thought i have a lot of projects. then we thought about the amazing capitol and the architecture and the art and the significance of this -- i
decided i needed to do this book and i learned so much about the capitol. >> who are you targeting with the book? >> elementary school children and anybody that comes to the capitol that would like to learn a little bit more about capitol because it's a children's book but also kind of a reference book because we have lots of good tidbits in it. >> and the good thing about having you today is it's constitution day. as we were talking about earlier and as we have lamented on this program and on fox as well, it doesn't seem like our actual history is being taught much in school anymore. >> it isn't. that's why i hope my books do a little bit of that. we have a whole set of books that teach children about the three branches of government but if kids just read and become informed and vote, that's what kids can do to make a difference in this country. >> there's a little mystery, right? there are hidden figures. kids love to try to find the hidden pictures. you put them in there.
>> i loved highlights magazine growing up. you always had to find everything. in this, the artist of the capitol, he was magnificent and was trained at the vatican, for instance. he put all kinds of critters in the murals around the capitol and i took some of those critters and put them in the book so kids can find them. >> the new book is called "capitol tales." stick around. we want to continue the conversation and with those guys in the corner. >> i bet they've read the constitution. >> i think so. >> they had something to do with it. dream of making travel easier to book and more affordable. or, like, you can dream it and do it. lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay
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